Welcome to the Winnipeg Alpine Racers

Founded in 1979, our Winnipeg ski club is a non-profit, volunteer based organization which operates under the guidelines of Manitoba Alpine Ski Division.

We are a fun, family oriented ski club in which members make friends, develop a passion for Alpine Skiing and Alpine Ski Racing.



Manitoba Cup 6
Holiday Mountain Ski Resort, La Riviere, MB
March 4th, 2012

Manitoba Cup 6 was a promising race for team WAR (Winnipeg Alpine Racers). The course was set to be fast on the otherwise slow pitch. The runs where underway and we were quickly reeling in spots on the podium. The slalom course was finished in an average of 28-33 seconds by males and females. Winnipeg Alpine Racers ended up with Bryant and Alexis both earning gold medals. The silver medalists where Anthea and Charles. Then Spencer completed the day with a bronze.

By Alex Campbell
Bio: My name is Alex Campbell. I have been racing for 5 years and I love traveling with the sport, I have been to Oregon, British Colombia, Alberta, North Dakota, Montana and Manitoba.


Barclay Snow Byrd Race
Nancy Greene & Rising Stars
Holiday Mountain Ski Resort, La Riviere, MB
March 3rd, 2012

Eighty-one skiers from the various teams including Asessippi, Bottineau, La Riviere, Summit, Westman, and War competed in this annual Barclay Snow Byrd Race. Awards were given for both female and male skiers in the various age categories. WAR athletes who went to the podium included Serena Kauffmann-Paul (gold, female 5-6), Maia Dalling (silver, female 7-8) and Amanda Ludlow (gold, female 11-12). Amanda also received the award for the best overall female skier that day. Congratulations to all of our WAR skiers who came out and participated in the race that day!


MB Cup 4 & 5
Asessippi Ski Area and Resort
February 26, 2012

It was a cold morning on 26 February 2012. The mood was tense, yet light-hearted, as everyone was excited about the race that day. People were receiving their bibs and start number. Following that, people went out to warm-up and begin course inspection. All too soon, the race started, around 10:15, antemeridian (a.m.). The first of two super-G runs that morning, which would be classified as part of the super-G race (MB Cup 4), and the super-combined race (MB Cup 5). Following the first two runs, everyone ventured inside for lunch. Following lunch, everyone returned to the hill to begin a sole slalom run, which, when the time from the slalom, combined with both super-G runs from the morning, would form the time from the Super-Combined. The members of our club did quite well in the race, with Anthea Roulston getting 3rd place (GS and SC, K2), followed by Alexis Varkonyi receiving 2nd place (GS and SC, J1), Alex Campbell achieving 3rd place (GS and SC, K2), Spencer Michie acquiring the 3rd(GS, J1) and 2nd (SC, J1) places, and myself receiving 2nd (GS, J1) and 3rd (SC, J1). Everyone had a fantastic time, and did a wonderful job.

By Cedric Ludlow
(Cedric Ludlow is 17 years old. He has been skiing since he was 2 years old and racing since he was 6.)


Snow Stars Festival
Nancy Greene/Rising Stars
Bottineau Winter Park, North Dakota
February 11th -12th, 2012

This event saw fourty-seven E1, E2 and K1 skiers participating. Skiers from Asessippi, Bottineau, La Riviere, Summit, War and Westman Ski Clubs attended. On Saturday, participants rotated through various Snow Stars Skills Stations with their teams. During the evening fun was had by all as skiers hit the hill for some tubing, followed by dinner in the chalet. On Sunday all skiers competed in the race by completing two runs each. It was a fabulous weekend!! Congratulations to Amanda Ludlow for receiving gold in the female K1 category and Michael Copp who received bronze in the male K1 category. Amanda also received best overall skier with the fastest time on the slopes that day!


MB CUP 2 & 3 GS
Asessippi Ski Area and Resort
February 4th-5th, 2012


Race two and three were awesome! Both days were G.S. (Giant Slalom) and there were a lot of racers. The weather was awesome which made racing a lot more enjoyable. It was so nice standing at the top and not freezing. Our team did very good. On Saturday, Amanda Ludlow got 3rd, I got 3rd as well, and Cedric Ludlow got 2nd. The banquet was also really fun and the food was great. They showed pictures from the race which was pretty cool. On Sunday we had another great day of GS. Amanda Ludlow got 2nd, Anthea Roulston got 3rd, and I got 2nd. Everyone on our team did a great job both days and we all had a great time!

By Alexis Varkonyi
(Alexis is 16 years old and is passionate about her racing. She has been with WAR since she was 5 years old.)


Rising Stars Multi-Run
Springhill Winter Park
January 29th, 2012


The Rising Stars Multi-Run Race was hosted by Winnipeg Alpine Racers and Summit Ski Club. The event drew 31 racers from Asessippi, Bottineau, La Riviere, Summit, WAR and Westman.


Nancy Greene/Rising Stars Stations
Springhill Winter Park
January 28th, 2012

Nancy Greene and Rising Stars Skiers from both Winnipeg Alpine Racers and Summit Ski Club came out for a fun day of skiing. Skiers rotated through various stations with their coaches. It was a great day!