Learn to Ski Nancy Greene – (U10) Ages 6-9

The Manitoba Alpine Nancy Greene Ski Division  is associated with the Nancy Greene Ski Leauge national program, aimed at all entry level ski racers, for the introduction of basic ski and racing skills. The program is offered to children aged 6 to 8 years old.

The goal is to develop skiing skills in a non-competitive environment. Athletes compete as part of a club team. Teams are of mixed age, gender, and ability.

The HUSKY Snow Stars Skill Development model is used to develop “Skier Essentials” in young racers. Through games, exercise, and technical free skiing, the children develop skiing skills in a natural and relaxed manner.

The racing component of the Nancy Greene Ski League is important, but the competition is only used as a learning tool. The emphasis is on skill development, team building, and fun, with three/four races scheduled per season.

Rising Stars – (final year U10 and first  year U12) ages 9-10 years of age

This program is designed with the developing young racer in mind. The Rising Stars program is built on a foundation of sport science with the focus on development of the mind and body on and off the snow. Through on-snow skill training and an introduction to individual competition, children learn the beginnings of critical reflection skills in a positive environment.

The Snow Stars Skill Development model is used to teach racers through the necessary steps to “Learn to Train”. Skiing through skill training courses adds a fun challenge to our ski hills! Our skiers enjoy racing athletes in their age category for fun, and to measure the development of their skiing skill – with new friends – a lifetime benefit of the sport!

K1 (final year U12)

Full meal deal is an advanced group of K1 (U12) racers who not only ski the Rising Star races but also advance to the 6 MASS races the K1’s (U12) are included in. This allows the racers to transition up into the higher level of competition.This program includes additional training camps from the regular K1 (U12) and the National Competitor Card.

WAR Racing Team – Manitoba Cup Ski Race Series (U14- U16- U21)- beginning at 13 years of age until 20 years of age.

A national points program, sanctioned by Alpine Canada, and is offered to ski racers, Rising Stars graduates and older entry-level racers 13 years of age and older.

This program provides an introduction to higher level ski racing, competition and to help them further their skiing skills. At this level athletes are in a phase of development called “Learn to Race”. Athletes are involved in a dry land training program starting in the summer. Primary aims are skill development and training in an elite setting.

Our club offers fall, Christmas, and other out-of-province camps for further training.

Racers in the MB Cup Series are required to obtain a National Competitor Card which allows them the opportunity to compete in other National races in and out-of-province. The race series consists of five race weekends at ski hills across the province. The athletes race in traditional alpine events of Slalom, Giant Slalom and Super G disciplines.

Among the life skills each young racer can learn are the benefits of goal setting, positive lifestyle choice, fair play, self confidence, healthy competition, enjoyment, participation in a positive setting and planned skill development help the athletes succeed.

All Mountain Rippers – program offered to non competing athletes

This program is a continuation of the Nancy Greene (U10) program. Emphasis is placed on technical all mountain skill & development, terrain/snow adaptation, terrain park safety and risk assessment. Our coaches are certified by the CSIA and CSCF and have experience coaching Nancy Greene & Ski School programs.

We make every effort to expose skiers to the various aspects of modern day alpine skiing while incorporating life long learning within our program offerings.