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Cold Weather

Cold Weather Guideline is: -25 degrees -32 wind chill

If weather does not permit us to proceed with the scheduled practice or race, our coordinators will be sending out a notice through team snap regarding any cancellation information to the club members. The cold weather guidelines, -25 degrees C or -32 wind chill, will be a decision point about practice cancellations. Please check Environment 

Canada for weather

information an hour

prior to your start time.


This is a GUIDELINE, to be used in making a decision about whether or not to have a practice or race. Wind velocity, wind direction, warming and cooling trends, snow, how many missed practices have there been, etc., will all come into play in making a good decision and this GUIDELINE is exactly that. Please check Teamsnap if there is still practice.

Ultimately, it will be up to the coordinator and facility to decide if practice/races will be held and it is ultimately up to the PARENTS if you bring your child. We want parents to know that if you keep your child at home because it is too cold, we support and respect your decision as you know your child best. However, we also have other kids that really want to come out in the colder temperatures and we have safely and regularly held practices within this guideline in the past.

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