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New to the Club


Here at Winnipeg Alpine Racers we have great programs for new skiers that introduces good downhill technique and an introduction to ski racing with our Nancy Greene/Rising Stars division for kids 5-11 years old.

Training options:

Ages 5-11 can choose to train only,

or train and race. Training options are 

once or twice a week which allows new

families with the flexibility to choose. 

Practices are at Springhill Winter Park

Tuesday evenings 6:30 - 8:30pm

Saturday mornings 10am -1pm

*times may vary

Check TEAM SNAP for any changes

Costs: (price list below)

Our yearly fee includes all coaching and race fees (as long as the racer option has been selected.)

Our fees do not include lift tickets or personal equipment.

Lift tickets can be purchased on an as needed basis when you arrive at the hill, however a 5 day ski pass is usually sold at a discount.

If you choose the train only option and decide to attend a race, you can just pay the club directly for the race fee for that specific race. This is a great option if this is your first year.


Skis, boots and poles can be purchased or rented for the season through Sampson's in Winnipeg on Pembina Hwy. They have a new or used rental program for young children. This is a fantastic option for young growing kids. 

Hard sided racing helmets are mandatory and must be worn by all racers. Race helmets cannot be rented, and cannot have soft or removable ear covers. Racing helmets can also be purchased at Sampson's where they offer our racers a discount on purchased items.

If you are looking to buy any used equipment, check out our teams ski swap page. Just remember equipment should always be tried on to see if it fits before you buy.  Our coaches are great with that, as well as recommending the right ski length if you plan on buying.


You have the option to attend our local race at Springhill as well as our out of town races. However attending these races are not mandatory.

It is something to plan for as all of our races other than the Springhill race are out of town (Bottineau, ND, Asessippi, Kenora). You can pick and choose or ask some of the kids on the ski team what race is their favourite.

What to expect in the years to come:

We have a more advanced program for children 12 and up. They will train and race with a commitment to our twice weekly training and race program. As your child progresses, more protective equipment will be needed like shin guards, chin guards and a FIS rated race helmet. 



Need gear or want a new club hat/toque? Check out our ski swap page .

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